A Lesson on Bouncing Back

Tuition. A uniquely Singaporean, billion-dollar industry fuelled by parents who are afraid their children will fail.

As the nation’s leading tuition provider, The Learning Lab wants to teach kids that it’s okay to fail, as long as they learn never to give up. But how do you teach a 5-year old a big word like resilience?

As part of an ongoing brand campaign to prepare kids for life, we created a special series of toys customised to look exactly like our students and held a special lesson to teach them about bouncing back.

To help our students apply what they learnt, we got them to send a message to celebrities going through hard times.

With a simple toy, we taught our students one of life’s most important lessons. It’s not about how many times you fall, but about how many times you get back up.

Watch the case film below:

Client: The Learning Lab
Agency: BLKJ
Co-Founders & Creatives: Joji Jacob, Khalid Osman & Lester Lee
Creative Group Head: Sid Lim
Senior Copywriter: Michael Chin
Art Director: Cheryl Chu
Copywriter: Shahrin Izhar
Producer: Nurul Arif, Emily Teng, Hidayah Asari

Main film
Director: Joris Debeij

DP: Jeremy Snell
Production support: Onedash22
Post-production: VHQ Singapore
Sound design & Music: The Gunnery

Celebrity weeble
Director/ DP: Edward Cryer

Post-production: BLKJ

Creative Circle Awards 2018
Silver – Design Gongs/Best Use of Cultural Insights
Bronze – Direct Gongs/Best Use of Cultural Insights