Google First

Google First was a proactive idea done in 2014 that holds a special place in my heart.

It all started with the Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight incident from Kuala Lumpur to China. The plane disappeared and got the whole world talking. This sparked a discussion with my sister who believed and shared a fabricated story on what happened to the plane. 

It got me thinking – what if a brand could do something so that people could spread less misinformation online.

This was how the idea of Google First was born. And I believe the idea is more true today with the ever increasing conversation surrounding fake news on social media and messaging chat groups.

People want to be the first to share information with others when it comes to compelling stories and breaking news. Google first is a chrome extension that creates a unique algorithm, rating news articles on how reliable they are by scanning through the web before you share.

Google First was the winning work presented during the final round of Portfolio Night Singapore 14, ultimately representing Singapore as an all-star in New York.

Silver, Crowbar 2014