The Family Ties Christmas Ribbon

When it comes to Christmas shopping – people don’t immediately think of going to a pharmacy for gifts. So how can pharmacies like Amcal and Guardian compete for consumer attention during such a busy retail period?

For the first time ever, hundreds of pharmacies under Amcal and Guardian came together to create a Christmas campaign that focused less on the gifts, but on what’s important – love, family, health, peace and joy all through a simple red ribbon.

Giving the gift
that means more

Our campaign saw hundreds of pharmacists and staff come together to champion a simple Christmas message by wearing the family ties ribbon on their uniforms. Customers were also given a ribbon in-store and through gift wrap services.



Our Christmas campaign was centered around the ribbon, with content focused on meaningful gift-giving and carefully curated gifts for family and friends. We also showed our commitment to the things that matter through social media giveaways centered around gift experiences to spend with loved ones.

On a local level, pharmacies also organised Christmas events aimed at bringing the community together during the holiday season.

Client: Sigma Healthcare
Creative and production agency: Wellcom worldwide
Creative lead: Cheryl Chu