Colonel Sanders went on a holiday

Super Scootee was Scoot airline’s brand mascot but no one knew her. We were tasked to relaunch Super Scootee and make her famous together with an airline network sale.

If Scoot sends humans on holiday, who would its brand mascot send first? Her fellow brand mascots!

Super Scootee reached out to a host of different brand mascots and offered to cover them while they’re away by dressing up as them! However, finding brands to come onboard wasn’t easy. Rejection came fast and furious. Our copywriter even had to rope in an IP lawyer friend to consult the team!
But eventually, one brand finally said yes! KFC was willing to let Super Scootee send good ol’ Colonel Sanders on a trip of a lifetime!

Watch the case film below:

Client: Scoot
Co-Founders & Creatives: Khalid Osman & Lester Lee
Senior Copywriter: Rachel Chew

Art Director: Cindy Roselina, Cheryl Chu
Copywriter: XiaoAn Cheng
Creative Circle Awards 2018 –  Bronze in Brand Experience & Activation